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Welcome to our world of sustainable creation! At the heart of Petaluma, CA, we're pioneering a 'closed-loop' manufacturing ethos that's as kind to the planet as it is innovative. Our journey begins with additive manufacturing, transforming sustainable materials like sugarcane-derived polylactic acid (PLA) and recyclable PET plastics into bespoke products, only when you need them. This 'made-to-order' approach slashes waste and energy use, keeping our footprint as light as our materials.

Powering our dreams is the California sun, with every machine and lightbulb in our office fueled by solar panels. We're not just local in our creation but also in our spirit, adhering to California's leading energy practices to ensure our products journey the shortest distance from our hands to your heart.

But the magic doesn't end when a product leaves our doors. Embedded with NFC chips, each item invites you into its life story, from cradle to rebirth. Return it to us when its first chapter ends, and we'll 'rechip' it into filament for the next creation, spinning an endless cycle of renewal.

Join us in making the future brighter, one eco-friendly, sun-powered, and locally crafted product at a time.